Frequently Asked Questions

What is community solar?

Community Solar allows electric customers to receive discounted credits on their electric bill by agreeing to sign up for solar energy produced on large-scale solar farms remotely located in New York State.

How does community solar work?

Customers who enroll in the Bullrock community solar program are allocated a number of solar panels from participating solar farms. The electricity produced by your solar panels generates electricity and credits that are applied to your monthly electric bill. The net cost of electricity generated from your panels is guaranteed to be 10% less than what you’d pay through National Grid, a true savings, all while supporting clean, solar energy.

Will this program change the way I get or use electricity?

Not at all. National Grid will continue to be responsible for ensuring you have access to electricity. There will be no panels on your property, in fact, you’ll see no changes at all, except lower electricity costs.

What is my commitment?

For residential customers, there is no long term commitment! You are free to exit the project at any time. All we ask is for 60 days’ notice.

Are there any costs?

For residential customers, there is no fees to join, participate or cancel.

What if I move?

As long as you remain a National Grid customer, you can remain in the program.

Who can participate?

Homeowners, tenants, farms, schools, most non-for-profit organizations, houses of worship and small businesses.

Where is the solar farm located?

Bullrock has multiple solar farms across New York, including in nearby Castleton, N.Y.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the Sign-Up link and fill in your information. Have a National Grid electric bill handy.

When will the program actually start?

Once the Castleton solar farm is operational, which is scheduled for the first quarter 2021.